MEDIA TIMES. Advertising Company. We are the third generation of professionals in the field of advertising. It is a leading Print /Electronic /Ads shooting advertising company based in Tamil Nadu. The Company has business with over 117 advertising clients in Chennai & Hyderabad. Commercial Ad is our forte. Constant improvement and innovation are our hallmarks. Serving an entire gamut of clients from diverse fields, we specialize in designing customized solutions that cater exclusively to the niche target segment and bring maximum visibility and mileage for your brand. We are a leading advertising agency working in the field of TV, Radio, Vinyl, Posters large multicolor hoardings & all Newspaper advertisements. We give complete solution to the advertising needs of our clients. We provide consultancy services regarding advertising issues of the clients. We also provide production facilities for making advertisements. A dream venture and a flagship enterprise of Mr. Althap Hamed who has a rich experience spanning two eventful decades in advertising in India. A thorough Ad Man and a gentleman to the core, in the Ad circles he is known for his integrity, passion and perseverance. We are a fully integrated marketing communications agency, having the best capabilities in the area of advertising, media planning, direct marketing, promotions and public relations. In a business where profit margins are unpredictable as well as inordinately high, we are transparent in all our dealings and our services are reasonably priced.

The publicity includes usage of, hoardings, banners and advertisements, back-light etc. Our geographic coverage for outdoor publicity encompasses entire Tamil Nadu. The print media includes newspapers, magazines, brochures, Poster big/small sizes, pamphlets and all related materials that fall under the purview of printed advertising. In case of print ads, we broadly take into account the size of ad, its frequency and the circulation of magazine, newspaper etc. We arrange for digital as well as offset printing & advertising displays on bus backs

Our clients range from brands like Mustafa jewelers, Pothis, The Chennai Silks, Jayachandran Textiles, Poorvika Mobiles, Polimar TV, Punjab crockery, metro shoe Gongothri, Residency tower, Deccan, Nokia etc.,. Cine clients like Sun Network, Gemini Circuit, Ekkevira Cretions, Sathyam Cinemas, Mayajal, Devi Commercials, Sangam Commercials, Escape, Kamala Commercials, Abirami Mega Mall Commercials, AGS Commercials, Winner Bulls, Universal Pictures, PVP Ventures, Viacom18, Omics creation & Khayum Studios. We are the only FULL-FLEDGED ad concepts designer and TV ad film maker in Tamil Nadu with in-house Desktop Publishing, Photography, Audio recording/editing, transferring & recording protocols, Media Planning, and Graphic designing equipment.
The Company was founded by ALTHAP HAMED. Incorporated in 1985.
We are sure with the perseverance and the untiring zeal of our professionals we can take your business to new heights.